family institute, domestic violence, victimology, minor victims, aggressive personality, geoinformation map, criminogenic areas, women living in harsh conditions, protection order


In this article, the author highlighted some issues of improving crimes and their prevention, which are committed with the use of domestic violence. The author notes that one of the main reasons for committing crimes within the family is the insufficient mutual control of persons belonging to the category of relatives in this environment, that is, in the family, the socio-economic rights and legitimate interests of the family and its members are not subject to protection, when committing crimes related to domestic violence, it is considered that information the identity of the criminal has a higher level of latency. Therefore, in order to increase the effectiveness of the use of criminal legal means in the prevention of domestic violence in the Republic of Uzbekistan, due to the fact that the institution of the family has a centuries-old history, it has the right to be the main link of society and the protection of society and the state, the urgency of identifying problems in ensuring civil, socio-economic and property rights is justified in the prevention of domestic violence and the development of theoretical and practical foundations for their elimination. The article says that as a result of the untimely elimination of family conflicts, 14,379 violations of family relations were committed, most of which accounted for 50.5% (7264) of the contributions of the Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand and Ferghana regions, and, most sadly, every sixth case of suicide was committed precisely because of family disagreements, which with time remained unresolved. Proposals and descriptions of crimes committed by the author with the use of force in the family and improvements in their prevention were put forward.



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