public procurement, public customer service, procurement commission, electronic public procurement system, budget allocations, conflict of interest, criminalization, post-transaction control, reduction of the human factor, digital identification of customers, Scoring system


In this article, the author highlighted some issues of crime prevention in the field of public procurement. The author notes that the study of the causes and conditions of crime in the field of public procurement, as well as the true essence of the law of causality, allows us to understand the essence of these types of crimes, with which we can fight such acts and prevent them. The author also stressed that crimes in the field of public procurement by their nature are not inferior to corruption crimes in terms of the degree of public danger, the subject of a crime in corruption crimes can be not only material costs that are given in cash, but also tangible property in a different style. The article also proposes to supplement the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan with article 1831 (violation of the law on public procurement). In turn, it is noted that technical measures are also important in preventing crimes in the field of public procurement. In particular, conducting a judicial audit with the involvement of international experts, conducting post–transactional control post and ex control - the introduction of technical measures, such as post-purchase monitoring, reducing the human factor in public procurement, in particular, digital identification of customers in public procurement, the effectiveness of the implementation of the Scoring system of public procurement participants is justified.



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